5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips That Will Help You Find The Dress Of Your Dreams

During a recent bridal show, I was chatting with a friend of mine that owns Virginia’s Bridal , a wedding dress boutique in White Plains, NY.

In between meeting couples we were comparing notes about shopping trends for bridal services.

Here are some of the tips I learned and I hope they can help you find a great wedding dress.

Photography By Christopher’s Studio

Photography By Christopher’s Studio

Tip 1. Wedding Dress Pricing

Know your budget for your dream wedding dress. Zero in on a price point and have fun shopping. Remember that your wedding dress budget needs to include the accessories, alterations, shipping and taxes. Don’t forget the shoes and jewelry!

Tip 2. Shop Early

A wedding dress can take at least six to eight months to get in hand. Start shopping 7 to 9 months before your wedding day. Custom wedding dresses can take a year.

Tip 3. Find Your Style

The season your wedding day falls on will be a major factor in the style dress you choose. A ball gown wedding dress style will not be the best choice for a beach wedding day. Your body shape is also a factor.

Tip 4. Schedule A Consultation

Your wedding boutique may not have the dress you want to try on in stock for you. Scheduling a consultation in advance will avoid disappointment if you just pop in.

Tip 5. Bring Accessories With You

Bring the right bra for trying on dresses. The salon may have some accessories to help give you an idea of your vision but if it is not your style then it will just be a distraction.

If you find these tips helpful and would like to learn more about our services reach out and we can chat or meet up!

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