Wedding Photography and the Creative Flow Process

The wedding day and creative flow process are two phrases that you may not expect to see in the same sentence. We all know what the wedding day means... the biggest day of your lives to date! Great pictures! Great times! Great celebration! Of course you will expect some great images from your photographer and you may pick out a super location that will give you a nice background. But how do we get those really fabulous shots that win awards like the ones you see on my website slideshow?

That comes from the Creative Flow Process, it is a term I use describing what happens as we shoot a great photo session. It is a process that builds upon itself as we work together as a team. A connection between all parties involved that brings the creativity to a maximum level. It is really something that happens as I see the passion between a couple in my lens. I see it, I feel it and I capture it.

Not all photographers develop this vision as they shoot. Most skilled cameramen can pose a family portrait and say 'cheeeeese' but at Christopher's Studio we like to bring image making to a new level and really create beautiful emotional images.

Take another look at the opening introduction for my website at Christopher's Studio and see if you can feel the love.