5 Engagement Shoot Tips For Great Engagement Portraits

The engagement session is a great idea for many reasons! Here are a few tips.

  1. Use this shoot as a practice shoot for the wedding day. When I shoot engagement sessions I am watching and learning about my subjects. I look for body language, height differences, flaws, laughter and much more. As I learn, I adapt the shooting style and lighting to make for better pictures. I pose each couple differently and we practice these poses and have a blast during the shoot.

  2. Find a fun location that fits for you both. I find most couples are comfortable being photographed doing something they enjoy. Be it bike riding, hiking, on a beach or in Central Park. We want to have a great experience with you guys so lets find a unique location that describes you as a couple.

  3. Dress smart. bring extra shoes. We walk a lot. Not all scenarios are best for those 6 inch heels. Coordinate colors nicely and if you have a theme use those colors too. They will look great in the signature guestbook.

  4. Ladies, this is a great time for your trial makeup session. Plan ahead and see how the makeup looks in pictures.

  5. Shoot for prints, these shots will be amazing. You are starting a journey, document it, lets make a great album to pass on to future generations.

Engagement Photos on The Hiline by NY Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photos on The Hiline by NY Wedding Photographer

Rockland County Engagement Photos

Rockland County Engagement Photos

Apple Picking Photo Shoot in NY

Apple Picking Photo Shoot in NY

Most importantly, have a lot of fun!

Wedding photographs of Dee and Vinny at the Marina del Rey Bronx, N.Y.

Dee and Vinny said there vows at St Anthony's Shrine Church in Nanuet NY and celebrated with famil friends and terrific food at the Marina del Rey in the Bronx N.Y.

Shannon and Michael celebrated LOVE at the Whitby Castle in Rye New York. They had an awesome time and here are a just a few images shot by Christopher's Photography Studio.

The ceremony was held on the Castle deck and the view was beautiful. Surrounded by trees, water and close family and friends made the  celebration so sweet.

The Whitby Castle has many gorgeous locations to photograph. Here Shannon and Michael cooled off and stole a quick kiss under cover.

Signature Series Photo Booth Photography by Westchester wedding photographer Christopher's Photography Studio located in Harrison NY .

What a fun party Shannon and Michael had at the Whitby Castle in Rye New York. The party got off to a great start and Tom even went sleeveless.

These shots are great for the photo guest book. The pictures get taken, the guests sign the book and we add the pictures!

Rockland County Wedding Photography and Video locations

So many beautiful places exist in Rockland County to have your wedding. Outdoor venues are available as well as some great riverside halls like the Nyack Seaport. The Nyack Seaport allows for both wonderful food, service and a terrific waterfront location. Just outside the door is this beautiful park that boasts some great views anytime of day.

Bridal portraits

As you can see from these shots the location in Nyack NY is a great treasure. The Tappan Zee Bridge is all lit up at night and creates a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures at night.

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Wedding Photography and the Creative Flow Process

The wedding day and creative flow process are two phrases that you may not expect to see in the same sentence. We all know what the wedding day means... the biggest day of your lives to date! Great pictures! Great times! Great celebration! Of course you will expect some great images from your photographer and you may pick out a super location that will give you a nice background. But how do we get those really fabulous shots that win awards like the ones you see on my website slideshow?

That comes from the Creative Flow Process, it is a term I use describing what happens as we shoot a great photo session. It is a process that builds upon itself as we work together as a team. A connection between all parties involved that brings the creativity to a maximum level. It is really something that happens as I see the passion between a couple in my lens. I see it, I feel it and I capture it.

Not all photographers develop this vision as they shoot. Most skilled cameramen can pose a family portrait and say 'cheeeeese' but at Christopher's Studio we like to bring image making to a new level and really create beautiful emotional images.

Take another look at the opening introduction for my website at Christopher's Studio and see if you can feel the love.

Ideas on writing your own wedding vows. Christopher's Studio captures all the emotional reactions to the wedding ceremony as it happens.

If you are getting married in a church this may not be possible but I have noticed that many couples have been personalizing their wedding vows. I personally think this is the most romantic way to say I DO!

I am a big fan of romantic notions and look for different ways to say I love you all the time. It is my job to see love in many new ways and capture those moments through my lens.

When a couple takes the time to express what they feel it can bring a tear to your eye. Those are the moments I look to capture. As I see a bride staring in her husband’s eyes and saying that from the moment they met she knew they were meant to live life together really gives me a moment of happiness as I click away. Mom is certainly crying and dad has a tear in his eyes. I can feel the love they express as the vows become complete.

So, if you are looking to really share your heart and soul during your wedding vows here are some tips to guide you through the process. Don’t forget that everyone is listening and we also offer video services that will capture every word.

  • Lengthy vows? it is best to be short and sweet, it is not easy to keep your description of your love for another person short but be to the pont and keep it from the heart.
  • Practice alone and rehearse them in front of your family. Express your feelings alone and privately but after you gather all your thoughts and made the final draft have your family listen to them as well.
  • Type them out clearly so you do not have to worry about forgetting your thoughts as you travel down memory lane and think about the first ‘I LOVE YOU’.

No matter how you say your vows we will always be nearby to capture all the moments as they unfold. It is a special moment that should not be missed. Here you can see some of the moments we have captured.

Engagement Portrait Sessions are a great tool for successful wedding photographs at Christopher's Studio..

TheKnot.com website has recently posted tips on what to look for when shopping for a photographer, I will respond to those suggestions in future blogs. One was about engagement portraits. A recent blog that I posted on GetMarried.com was just about that.

The Value of Engagement Portraits

At Christopher's Studio we offer engagement portraits for many reasons. As a photographer it is a great way to learn about the couple.

  • Not all poses work for every couple, body language, height, hair styles, and even eye glasses make a difference in the poses we choose for each couple. This all comes with the experience we have gained through years of photographing couples.
  • The creative poses we offer will also dictate your style and allow us to work better with you on the wedding day. We will know exactly the best poses and the style of photography that fits your style on your big day. A piggy back ride may work for some couples but not all...
  • The bridal make-up can be applied, tested and photographed during the engagement session. This allows for a preview of the make-up application and your stylist can make adjustments for the wedding day beauty visit.
  • Save the date cards are a very popular item! These are done with some creative ideas that we have up our sleeve. We can make magnets or photo cards for you to send to your guests.
  • A photo guest book is also a great idea for your wedding guests to sign and send you well wishes on your wedding day.

I just gave you some really great ideas for your engagement shoot and I hope you call to schedule yours today. If you already booked your wedding photography package with Christopher's Studio they are included in the package so we can better serve our clients. If you would just like some great images of you as a couple you are welcome to call and schedule an appointment.

Take a look at some past engagement shoots in this great slideshow presentation provided by Christopher's Studio

Real wedding photos taken at the Nyack Seaport in Nyack, New York. The Rockland County wedding was fabulous and the pictures were great. Christopher's Studio captured many great shots and blended both traditional and candid style to tell the story in great detail. The couple was fun to work with and the Nyack Seaport did a terrific job with the catering.

Wedding hairstyle

Bridal veil

Wedding day with the groom

Wedding dress

Groom waiting for bride

Comfort Inn Nanuet N.Y.

Going for a stroll

Nyack Memorial Park wedding pictures

Bride and Groom on the Rocks

Rockland County weddings

Groomsmen posing for picture

Black and White with added color

Black and White Photography

Indoor ceremony portraits

Spear Street, Nyack, N.Y.

Reception roomNyack Seaport corks


Nyack Seaport in Nyack, New York.

Dance moves

Wedding Cake

weddiing cake photos in Rockalnd County, New York.

Nicole and Jack has a wonderful wedding. The pictures came out beautiful and a good time was had by all.

The photographs were taken both traditionally and artistically to allow for some great emotional images. Jack being from London had plenty of

English flair about him and we captured his style perfectly. The ceremony was held inside at the Nyack Seaport in Rockland County, New York.

The location provides the best view on the hudson and this can be seen at anytime by just looking out the Seaport window.