Glen Island Harbour Club ~ New Rochelle, New York Wedding Photography by Christopher's Studio ~ Harrison N.Y.

Wedding Ceremony

The chapel room at the Glen Island Harbour Club is nothing but remarkable! The view alone is breathtaking, the Long Island Sound is at your fingertips not to mention a perfect view of the couple getting married. With all the windows one would think reflections would become a problem, I have actually tried to get a reflection from the glass but have not yet achieved this. As you can see in the pictures above... it is an amazing room!

Groomsmen in Westcheter N.Y.

The photographic opportunities are endless at the Harbour Club in New Rochelle, what better place to put a catering hall but on beautiful Westchester County Parkland.


The catering hall itself is spectacular and when you add uplighting it changes the ambience to NIGHT CLUB!

The wait staff is TOP NOTCH and the food was great! The Cocktail hour was amazing and the culinary skills were very creative.

Best Mans Speech

Jennifer and Marshall had a great wedding and the toasts were heartfelt by everyone. The page layout above was created with the Christopher's Studio style photography. We capture moments like these with long telephoto lenses as to not disturb the sincerity of the moment.

1 Glen Island Park New Rochelle, NY 10805 (914) 636-6500

Glen Island Harbour Club