5 Engagement Shoot Tips For Great Engagement Portraits

The engagement session is a great idea for many reasons! Here are a few tips.

  1. Use this shoot as a practice shoot for the wedding day. When I shoot engagement sessions I am watching and learning about my subjects. I look for body language, height differences, flaws, laughter and much more. As I learn, I adapt the shooting style and lighting to make for better pictures. I pose each couple differently and we practice these poses and have a blast during the shoot.

  2. Find a fun location that fits for you both. I find most couples are comfortable being photographed doing something they enjoy. Be it bike riding, hiking, on a beach or in Central Park. We want to have a great experience with you guys so lets find a unique location that describes you as a couple.

  3. Dress smart. bring extra shoes. We walk a lot. Not all scenarios are best for those 6 inch heels. Coordinate colors nicely and if you have a theme use those colors too. They will look great in the signature guestbook.

  4. Ladies, this is a great time for your trial makeup session. Plan ahead and see how the makeup looks in pictures.

  5. Shoot for prints, these shots will be amazing. You are starting a journey, document it, lets make a great album to pass on to future generations.

Engagement Photos on The Hiline by NY Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photos on The Hiline by NY Wedding Photographer

Rockland County Engagement Photos

Rockland County Engagement Photos

Apple Picking Photo Shoot in NY

Apple Picking Photo Shoot in NY

Most importantly, have a lot of fun!

A longer bridal veil allows for a lot of creativity during the couple shots on your wedding day. Kristen and Andrew had so many beautiful images to choose from but I really like this shot because it captured the fun and emotions of their relationship.

Rockland-County-Wedding-Photographer and videographer

First Look Photo Sessions on your Wedding Day

As your wedding day approaches you will discuss many different plans and ideas. You will read stories and opinions about how a first look should be done. Pinterest has many images on the subject and so do we. First off think about the people you want to include, bridal party? family? or would you prefer the moment to be only shared together. Many times the stress involved with preparations add to the anxiety. This moment should be about the two of you and the moment at hand. Your wedding day! You dreamed about it as a child and it has finally come.

Tears will flow and memories will be made. Most couples have a card to read and a gift at times too. Here are some photos we have recently captured during the first look. As the director of the moment the photographer arranges the angles and best location for the moment to unfold. Christopher's Studio likes to create interesting angles and make it creative and special. The bridal presentation makes for some amazing shots when family are watching too.

As we click away we give you both direction so we capture the expressions as they happen. It is truly a magical moment!

A - First-Look-Photo-at-Falkirk-Estate First-Look-at-Harvest-on-Hudson-NY copy 2 a First Look Photograph