How to hire a Photography and Video team to capture your wedding day memories in Westchester County NY.

Booking Both Photo & Video Services 

When planning the wedding of your dreams you will have many options for your future memories. Photography will always be the number one purchase and more than 75% of our couples include video services in their packages. 

There are many options when it comes to including video memories of your wedding day. With so much new technology being made available we are always updating our equipment and creating new rules. Our current photo cameras are now also used for video shoots. With over 4k resolution the results are fantastic. We now use Drones - GoPro and DSLR cameras on our wedding and event shoots with great results. 

What we have done to make the two mediums blend well for the client is to train our photographers to shoot video. This allows us to capture some must have clips when needed. This video training has allowed us to offer different and more affordable video options to our wedding couples. We offer some really great full coverage options as well and the extra video clips makes for better edits and happier clients. 

When looking for a photo and video team you will want to decide on the coverage you want first. Does the groom want a video of him reading the brides card? Do you want a feature film set to some great music selections? Is the raw footage included? ...and of course The Drone! Awesome aerial coverage makes for great opening clips. These are all points to think about when sitting in a consultation. 

For us, what brings the team together and makes our work stand out is the amazing group of talent we have at Christopher's Studio. We make sure we add to each others story as we film and create your wedding day story.  

You can learn more about the story telling at or by scheduling a consultation to meet up in person.