Ideas on writing your own wedding vows. Christopher's Studio captures all the emotional reactions to the wedding ceremony as it happens.

If you are getting married in a church this may not be possible but I have noticed that many couples have been personalizing their wedding vows. I personally think this is the most romantic way to say I DO!

I am a big fan of romantic notions and look for different ways to say I love you all the time. It is my job to see love in many new ways and capture those moments through my lens.

When a couple takes the time to express what they feel it can bring a tear to your eye. Those are the moments I look to capture. As I see a bride staring in her husband’s eyes and saying that from the moment they met she knew they were meant to live life together really gives me a moment of happiness as I click away. Mom is certainly crying and dad has a tear in his eyes. I can feel the love they express as the vows become complete.

So, if you are looking to really share your heart and soul during your wedding vows here are some tips to guide you through the process. Don’t forget that everyone is listening and we also offer video services that will capture every word.

  • Lengthy vows? it is best to be short and sweet, it is not easy to keep your description of your love for another person short but be to the pont and keep it from the heart.
  • Practice alone and rehearse them in front of your family. Express your feelings alone and privately but after you gather all your thoughts and made the final draft have your family listen to them as well.
  • Type them out clearly so you do not have to worry about forgetting your thoughts as you travel down memory lane and think about the first ‘I LOVE YOU’.

No matter how you say your vows we will always be nearby to capture all the moments as they unfold. It is a special moment that should not be missed. Here you can see some of the moments we have captured.